Sunday, March 10, 2019

Busy week ahead!


Happy Sunday everyone!

Today is my 'day off' as I'm preparing for next week where our university will be hosting the
Nordic Korean Studies Days!

I'll get back to that later in the post after I have posted a little about this past week~

This Monday, our beloved Key from SHINee enlisted in the military and while doing so, he released a(n AMAZING) song called "I Wanna Be."
It should be obvious how important a role SHINee has played in my life so it was a nice gift to get while waiting for him to return.
Emilie, who sent me the link to the song since I was pretty busy that day, told me that the lamp he's looking at is actually a Danish Verner Panton designer lamp! I looked into it and found that there are actually a least four different Danish lamps in the MV at it makes me so proud somehow!

Wednesday was another day worth remembering.
The sunrise that day was exceptional! Look at this picture I snapped about halfway to school.
On Wednesdays I have class with Jasmin and Nio from the maid café and together we make up the holy triumvirate.
By pure coincidence, we all showed up wearing pink and couldn't let the chance of making a Mean Girls reference pass ㅋㅋㅋ

It was one of the more boring classes so Jasmin and I ended up taking turns stroking each other's hair and backs. I'm happy to have classes with my friends like this.

After school, I went to the mall with Maria and then back to her new apartment that she moved into last Friday. We had just enough time to eat and have a bit of wine.

I don't have anything interesting from Friday except these pictures of our new lecturer fanboying over Bono. (Bono 1960 - forever in my heart)
And him being verbal through body language as always.

Friday the state opened early access so we could check if we had paid too much or too little tax last year. I fell asleep while waiting but wore up early the next morning, while the rest of the country was still asleep, and was able to get in right away. Two years ago I got quite a 'whip' and had to pay back a lot of money so I'm always nervous about this. But this year, I'd paid a liiiitle bit too much, so that was a nice start of my Saturday.

Yesterday was the day of the big galla party at my sister's high school (my old high school), and in between doing homework, I played fairy-godmother for my mom and her boyfriend, Dichael. I wish I could have gone but each student is only allowed two guests.

I did my mom's eye makeup (drew on her eyebrows too), fixed a hole in Dichael's pants, and warned that if they didn't return before midnight, my mom's eyebrows would disappear and his pants would break. It seems like they took my threat serious because they were home around 11pm ㅋㅋ
Emilie was probably just as excited as my sister and asked me early in the morning to snap a picture. Sadly, they were running late so she didn't have time to get out of the car.
She and her classmate spent the day getting ready at my dad's place since his wife's one daughter is a make-up artist and the other is a hairstylist. I think she felt a little bad that I didn't get to take a full body picture of her but my mom sent me these later.
I'm the biggest fangirl of my sister, I swear.

A night out like that took away all of her energy and today she'd just a lazy potato. This is her as of the moment I'm writing this post.

And now for next week!
Like I said above, next week our university will host the Nordic Korean Study Days, where scholars from Norway, Sweden, and Finland as well as students from these countries will come visit us and hold 'lectures' all week.

Since the event will be from 9.00-18.00 almost every day, I'll be staying at Jasmin's place until Saturday.
Saturday, Maria will come and she and I will go watch Shawn Mendes' concert, which is why we went shopping this week. Maria got a body stocking and I found this shirt in H&M that I'm planning to wear.
My outfit will probably be something like this but I'l definitely going to spice it up a bit with some glittery makeup, high heels, and fabulous hair.

We're going to stay at a hotel until Sunday when I'll have to go back to my city for a family dinner at my grandparents' place.

I'm really excited for next week and I'm definitely going to blog about it - I just don't know when the next post will be since I have another presentation in Korean class to prepare for the week after next week.
We'll see~

Now I have to go pack some clothes because unlike my normal school days, there will possible be people this week that I'd want to impress.

Until then, take care of yourselves and have a great upcoming week!

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