Tuesday, April 23, 2019

End of Easter break!


Tomorrow my classes will begin again so today I'm treasuring the last moments of freedom by blogging about how I spent the remaining days of Easter break.
I have a couple of thoughts to share as well but I'll save those for the next post and focus on pictures today.

The weather has been absolutely eminent and especially on Thursday where my city also hosted our yearly motorcycle gathering!
 Since I was little, it's been a family tradition to go watch it and then gather at my grandpa's sister's home with my grandparents, parents, siblings, dad's cousin, and her family - and eat pizza.
We haven't done it the past couple of years, though, and last year it snowed so much that only about 30 motorcyclists showed up.
But this year was different!
About 3000 motorcycles were estimated to be on display and 10000 people, including my family, went there to watch.
 The many people, the smell of gasoline, and the noise from the motors all made me reminisce about my childhood. We also saw a few people here and there that we knew.
There were so many people that it was a bit difficult to take pictures but I managed to get a few of some really special ones. This elder man had been riding motorcycles since two years before my mom was born(!) and bought his current one in the USSR.
 The one here was used in Ukraine in 1973 and the uniform and hat was part of the deal when he bought it.
 The sight of these Vespas brought back memories from when our family used to go to Italy during the summer vacation.
 This one reminded me of lego cars.
 This is a Danish built and, by the looks of it, very old motorcycle!
This one was Korean! I had no idea that Korea made motorcycles as well.
After walking around a bit, we returned home to eat lunch.
We had just enough time to eat before the 'parade' through the city.

Not only do they gather at the city centre, the motorcyclists also ride together through the city and in the night there's a big party for all of them.
When I was younger, we always just watched them leave the place, we never went to see the ensuing 'parade.' But we did this year and a lot of people seemed to do the same!
A police car was escorting the very first drivers.
And then they all passed us. A couple of them waved and we waved back. Everyone were so happy!
That day, our local football team was playing against another, very famous, Danish team. As the motorcycles passed ud, so did some of the football fans.
Just listen to that sound aaa
That day was so great and I felt great. I also took a selfie that turned out great and as always, my friends were super sweet about it.  Everything was great, really~

Sunday I dropped by my grandparents house with my sister. My dad and his wife also came for dinner so we got to spend some time with them as well before going home.

Yesterday, on the last day (for now) with super great weather, I went to the beach with Julia, whom I'd worked with in Herning at the Danish Travel Show event!

We ate ice cream from the best ice cream place in my city and took cute pictures like true Koreans.

Although the weather was great, everyone who knows my city knows that it's pretty windy most of the time and ESPECIALLY at the beach. We got some funny pictures because of that ㅋㅋㅋ
 I took a picture of Julia and when she saw it, she called it an "인생샷" (Insaeng shot). 인생 translates to 'life' and 샷 refers to a photo/picture. So when you call something an 인생샷, it's like saying that "it's the best picture ever in my whole lifetime" (ofc it's an exaggeration, but a nice one!). I felt really proud.

She also took some of me where posed but this unplanned one turned out the best!
And here Julia is setting up our photo station so we could take the next pictures~
 This one was also really cute! ♡

And then for today..
I didn't do anything special but the day was definitely not wasted because, with help from my friends Chris and Phillip, I finally got my computer to play sound again woooo!!! 

These days I've developed a love for the girl group (G)I-dle. Not only are their songs super catchy and the MVs full of beautiful concepts, they also have songs with lower notes, which I really appreciate because I then feel like I can sing along at least just a little bit.
And also some MAMAMOO songs because I love their songs as well.

•°☆~〜Music of the day〜~☆°•

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