Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Shawn Mendes · Flight tickets


On Saturday, the week of the Nordic Korean Studies Days, Maria came to Copenhagen as well as she and I were going to Shawn Mendes' concert that night!

First we went to eat sushi. They had recently changed concept from rolling sushi to customers ordering the kinds they wanted, and we ended up ordering way too much.

Maria had booked a room at Cabinn Metro where we took our sweet time dolling up before going out.

Behold! The neck fold monster!
Maria wasn't wearing pants in this picture ㅋㅋㅋ
And off to the concert! Royal Arena was surprisingly close by - which was good because, like the rest of the week, it was raining.
There were several lines and the one we had to stand in was the longest, of course. I think we got inside after half an hour so it definitely wasn't bad.
Look at the huge rose in the middle! It was so pretty ! I snapped this picture while descending to our seats.
Pre concert selfie~
We were actually first row in our section but my seat was DIRECTLY behind the camera man.
Luckily we ended up standing up most of the time and I could scooch closer to Maria.
Alessia Cara, whose music Maria listens to a lot as well, was the warm-up and Maria was obviously excited.
We were given bracelets when we first entered but seeing as they didn't go off when we pulled the little piece of plastic out, we thought maybe they were broken. It turned out that they were all being controlled and so during some of the songs, they'd go off in different colours. It was so so beautiful. I love lights.
There were two stages; one further away and this smaller, round one in the middle of the hall. We got a pretty good look at him!
I caught a few shots of both Alessia and Shawn and put it together in the video below. If you hear someone screaming, it's probably definitely Maria.

On Sunday we returned home as Maria had a family birthday and I was going to our semi-monthly family dinner with our cousins and grandparents.

The following week I had yet another presentation in Korean class on Thursday and that same night, the ladies (Maria, Monika, Karoline, and I) had dinner together.

I'd probably been pushing too hard those past few weeks. It was as if my body said STAPH and then I got sick for  like 5 days and could barely leave my bed.

When I started being able to stay awake for longer periods, I played Sims and decided that it was probably for the better if I gave myself some time off once in a while.
Now, every time I need to escape the pressure of school work, I'll build on my jungle temple themed 'stress-house' while listening to tropical music and jungle music from Nintendo games.
When I do this, I'm in one of my most relaxed states.

It is not done yet but I'm pretty proud of it so far so have some sneak peaks~
(But don't worry about the mess outside, it's a work in progress)

On my first day back in school after being sick, I went to get some documents signed so I can continue my application for studying abroad (I'll make a post about all that later on). In the night, I bought flight tickets and booked a bed at a guesthouse. The following days I had trouble sleeping because I was so excited. It was a real struggle...

And can you imagine how MUCH MORE EXCITED I was when Emilie told me that she's cOMING OVER NEXT WEEK TO BOOK FLIGHT TICKETS AS WELL?!!??!

As for other exciting things I've done lately..
I went on a trip to Århus to see my dentist last Thursday!
I got there early in the morning and spent some time studying at Starbucks. I wanted to buy a croissant (to have an excuse to hang out there for so long) but the card reader as broken and I didn't have cash so they gave it to me for free ( ᵕ̤▿ᵕ̤)✧˖° 
After my appointment, I had some time to spare before taking the train back home so I went to the lookout point on top of Salling (a big shopping centre).
The weather that day was AMAZING and I felt so refreshed from all the sunlight.
Spring is finally coming.
I also bought a new pair of shoes that I found super cheap!
My daily life shoes broke weeks ago and I've been walking around in heels until that day because I'm so picky with shoes.
They are everything I could hope for in a new pair of shoes. The wide silk band makes them look so cute! It was just an overall great day, really.

On Friday we had a Korean Language Café!
It was an event for Korean Studies Students and Koreans to meet each other and exchange knowledge on language and culture. Although I couldn't stay long due to having to catch the last train home, I had enough time to make a new friend, Eugene, and meet my friend Sangheon (상헌) as well as some seniors.

Saturday we had dinner with my aunt Connie, uncle Kenneth, our cousins Peter and Pernille, and Pernille's newborn son Emil.
It's been a long time since I spent time with my aunt and uncle, so that was also really nice.

I'm getting so much done these days and it's really making me feel good when I look back at it.
Let's make the most out of 2019!

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