Saturday, June 15, 2019

Couch potato week


If you think I've been productive since my last post, you are completely wrong!

Rather, I've spent the past week mostly relaxing.

Since my birthday is coming up (June 16th), my grandparents hosted a small birthday "party" with my siblings and I, my sister's boyfriend, and my dad and his wife + their two dogs.
We had my favorite cake and grandma's homemade buns.
Here's a picture of me at the tiny party ft. Anton the lap dog. He has pretty much been my lap dog since the first time we met.

Jasmin stayed over that weekend since her and her family had come back to our city to celebrate Whitsun with some family members. The moment she stepped inside and hung up her jacket, the coat rack fell down.
Look at this filthy child trying to hide after I caught her in the act!

Anyways, while she was here, we talked about our future endeavors in Korea and decided that we should have a 'team name' to refer to ourselves with as well as fitting nicknames.
We decided on 뀌여미팀 = the cute team.
Finding nicknames was a bit harder but we went with 무뚝 (muduk) for me and 세심 (seshim) for Jasmin. Both names are shortened versions of the personality traits 무뚝뚝하다 and 세심하다, which are words that I first learned while studying at Yonsei and then relearned a few weeks ago.

Korean lesson time!
Both words are hard to translate into English (and Danish for that matter) but let me try to explain!
무뚝뚝하다 is sort of like a cold/direct/curt person although these English words feel a bit too negative in terms of the actual meaning in Korean. Maybe you can think of it as a 'logic>feelings person.'
세심하다 on the other hand is like a sensitive/careful/attentive person but perhaps a bit more soft and at times someone who could weigh feelings over logic.
End of Korean lesson!

The next day, Jasmin was supposed to stay with her triplet friends of 10 years - Lasse, Simon, and Søren. I'd previously met 2/3 if not all of them back in 2015 at SVS con. They invited me to join them later but I just felt like having a lazy day. The world wanted it so that Jasmin forgot her charger at my place and had to come pick it up later in the day - that also gave her an excuse to pick me up. Even when I told them I wanted to stay in my pyjamas, they said "do it" and asked me to come out anyways.

So they picked me up in my pyjamas and once we got to Simon's place, they changed into pyjamas as well. Good guys. Jasmin's pyjamas pants weren't pyjamas'y enough so the boys lent her a pair of blue anime pants.
We spent the evening eating good food (Simon is a chef and has cooked for the Queen before), playing Naruto on playstation, and watching the movie Tag (2018), which I can definitely recommend.
Jasmin praised the triplets' massaging skills but I'm pretty sure I got the evil triplet because my back and shoulders were hurting for two days after while Jasmin seemed okay.

I also had a Sims&SHINee day with Emilie~

Thursday I went back to Århus for my ACTUAL final braces dentist check-up.
I always walk from the station to the university where my dentist is located and that day I met a cat on the way.
We became friends fast. Once again, if you like cats, I can highly recommend following me on my Instagram because I post stories with every. single. one that I meet.

Everything was fine and dandy at the dentist and I was let go. Once I got out, the weather had gotten even warmer. It was probably 25 degrees that day and high sun.
Guess who I met on my way back to the station?
While walking, it hit me how I always take so many pictures when I go abroad but never really when I'm here at home because it's 'just home.'
But actually the majority of my readers are not Danish and might be interested in seeing Denmark, just like I'm interested in seeing other countries, so I'm going to share a few shots with you that I took on the way.
There were actually quite a lot of people in the street that day (even though it doesn't look like much in the pictures here).
One day I should walk around my own city and catch its beauty. One day.
While in Århus I had just enough time to buy a shirt I'd been looking at last week. While I'd originally cast away the thought of buying it, my sister reminded me of the gift that I received on the day of my final. The gift in question was from my American friend, Larry, who thought I deserved it for surviving the semester (⌯ㅠ ﹏ ㅠ⌯) Thank you Larryyyyy
I was unsure of what to use his gift for but after today, when I showed him the picture of it, I think it was a good idea. I felt excited because I could buy it, Larry was happy because I was excited, and hopefully the positivity will spread when the rainy days stop and I can wear it outside. Yellow is such a nice and happy colour.

It would be wrong to say that I have done nothing at all this week, though, because I borrowed my grandmother's sewing machine and finally got to fix some clothes.
I forgot to take 'before' pictures of these pants that I bought some time ago. I shortened them by 8 cm and now they are wearable! Wuuh!
Also, don't mind the blue shirt. It's my lazy shirt that I was too lazy to change out of.
Next I removed the straps from this skirt that I bought with Celine in Korea back in 2016. We wore them like couple clothes back then but I haven't used it much lately. My style has changed a bit since then and the straps made it a bit too child'ish for my taste. That was easily fixed and now it sits better around the waist.
Lastly was the dress that my sister gave me a week or two ago. It's a pretty glittery dark blue and the fabric feels great but my sister and I have very different body types. While she can easily pull off loose dresses and look great thanks to her bootay, my swayed back and bigger boobs makes me look like a tent in this kind of clothes. I cut it apart and sewed everything back together to a form fit dress. It went from being something I'd wear on lazy days to something I'd wear when going out either to a café or possible even while being out at night. I posted pictures of this one of my Instagram and the responses from my friends were great.
A couple of the were quite surprised by the difference. Take my friend Ashley for example:

Another reason I haven't been too productive this past week is because my friend Maria introduced me to the Korean reality show Produce X 101.

While I have known about the shown since its first season, I never got around watching it before now.. which might have been a mistake because I am HOOKED.
In case you want to join us in screaming about idols, you can watch the show with subtitles HERE.

In short, Produce X 101 is a survival reality TV show where the 11 winners (out of 101 contestants across multiple agencies) will get to debut and promote together for x years. They are all trained by experts in various fields but the ones who get to decide who debuts are us, the viewers, which makes it even more exciting. I'm 5/7 episodes in and my favorites so far are these guys:
DPSmedia' Son Dong Pyo (손동표) ✦ A.CONIC's Kwon Tae Eun (권태은) ✦ Jellyfish Entertainment's Kim Min Kyu (김민규) ✦ TOP Media's Kim Woo Seok (김우석) ✦ ESteem's Yuri (유리), Woollim Entertainment's Joo Chang Uk (주창욱) ✦ Oui Entertainment's Kim Yo Han (김요한) ✦ and Yuehua Entertainments' Cho Seung Youn (조승연). 

So as you can see, I've mostly been a couch bed potato but that will soon be a finished chapter.

Next weekend is the Korea-Denmark 60 Years: Korea Culture Festival 2019 in Copenhagen and I was asked not just by the KTO (Korea Tourism Organization) people that I worked for earlier this year in Herning, but also by a friend at the Korean Embassy here in Denmark, to come work.
This is obviously another amazing opportunity and I felt so honored that I was directly asked like that. Please excuse my humble bragging for a moment. I am seriously proud.

We usually have an annual kimchi festival in Copenhagen but this year it's a lot bigger since it's a special year in Danish-Korean relations. It's so exciting aaah!
You can find the program and read more about the event HERE.

Lastly I want to share some great music with you. Now that I have much more free time, I also have a lot more time to check out new songs. Please give them a listen ~

•°☆~〜Music of the day〜~☆°•

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