Thursday, June 6, 2019

Summer vacation!



My exams are finished and now summer vacation has begun! Wuuuh!

I took a few pictures during the period I was "away" from my blog and I wanted to share them. If not for entertainment, then at least for memories' sake.

Overall this exam period was pretty good.
After making my last post, I had some very productive days. During the days I studied hard and if I grew frustrated and felt like my head couldn't possible absorb more Korean, I did other things like butt workouts and cleaning my room.
I sorted through my closet and filled 3 plastic bags with clothes and also cleaned out the corner of my room that had been stacked with a bunch of stuff since I moved in. The result was a full box of stuff that I donated to my favorite local thrift shop.

June 25th was my last day of studying Korean before the actual finals began.
That day was also the 11th anniversary of my absolutely favorite group, SHINee, and I spent the day listening to their albums. SHINee always makes me happy.
In the evening I visited my high school friend, Søren, at his work to have one last gravøl. He also poured me the fancy drink to the left.

We were joined shortly by two others, one being our old classmates Marcus - and later a couple. I'd like to think I made a drunk friend for the night. Marcus texted me if I needed help getting home but time flew so fast that the sun had already gone up when I decided to go home.
That night I didn't get much sleep since we were celebrating my siblings' and dad's birthday the day after.

After that day, I 'camped' at my grandparents house to spend some time with them while also being disturbed as little as possible while writing my paper.

Here my grandma came to watch sport beside me while I was finishing up.

Jasmin was my writing buddy through it all and we kept each other working through calls and Facebook messages. Sometimes it got too much, though, and we ended up having moments like these.
While I was away from blogging, I developed a love for Stray Kids and then I discovered just how deep one of the members could make his voice and it seriously shocked me. Here I'm freaking out Jasmin as well.

You are welcome.

Thanks to Jasmin and our other classmates that I discussed the questions and texts with, I managed to finish 2 days before deadline!!
The weather has been slowly warming up since last week so my grandparents and I went for ice cream to enjoy it and celebrate the end of my first final.

Monday night I took the train towards Copenhagen and slept at Jasmin's place. Can't trust that the trains will be on time in an exam situation. That's also why I'll be staying at Celine's place the night before moving back to Korea later this year.

The next morning I woke up, got ready, and went to take my final. It's probably the worst final I have ever taken so I wasn't too fond of the result. I'm happy that I got the grade that I did since it went THAT bad, but at the same time also disappointed because I know I could have done much better had I not been so unreasonably nervous.
Still it was a win and it deserved celebration because I AM NOW FREE UNTIL I GO TO KOREA WOOOOO!
My classmate Stephanie and I went to the store to fetch celebration gifflar (baby cinnamon rolls).
Our teacher also brought muffins that our other teacher, Karin, who is notorious for her baking skills, had made. We stayed with our classmates like that for a little before heading home. Stephanie hung out with me until it was time for me to take the bus home. 
It was nice to spend time with Stephanie. We had very similar experiences with this final so it was good to have someone to share my thoughts with. Also, look at her shirt. It brought me happiness.
(It's a SHINee fan t-shirt for the unaware)

When I got home, I headed to Emilie's place. She moved into her new apartment on June 1st but since I had been busy writing my finals paper, we made June 4th our 'moving in/SHINee party/Sims playing' day.
Once I was back home with Emilie, all of my stress leading up to the finals disappeared~

When we woke up yesterday, we had another sims and SHINee filled half of the day.
The remaining half I spent at home putting away my notes and books from the semester and some more cleaning up of my room. I wrote out a list with all of the things I have to take care of now that I have free time.. you'll hear about all that later probably.

Yesterday was also election day here in Denmark so I went to vote in the evening.

The mixture of having finished my semester, having put my notes away, and having voted for a political party that I haven't supported before induces a feeling that I can best describe as "the start of something now." I'm not what it is, but I'm excited to see what the summer will bring.

My second day of freedom, today, I woke up early to go to Århus for my last ever examination at the braces dentist. However, when I got there it became clear that a mistake had happened. Although my dentist and I decided on June 6th, I'd been put in the system for next Thursday instead. My dentist was fully booked so there was nothing else to do than to come back next week. It didn't bother me at all, though. The weather was nice today and I'm overflowing with energy.
Århus was pretty as always. If I couldn't live in my hometown, Århus would be my 2nd choice.

For the past weeks I've been flirting with the thought of getting a third earring (I blame all those k-pop idols who pull it off perfectly). After my sister told me that it was possible to do with the little pistol thingie rather than slowly poking a needle through, I decided that now was the time.
As soon as I got back from Århus today, I went to have both ears pierced like this. I'm really liking it! ^ㅅ^

Below is nothing less than 8 songs I want to share with you today. I listened to all of them while working on my exams and they are great mood boosters! Some of them are new while others are a bit older and some that I have known about but not appreciated enough before now. Please enjoy them if you have the time~

•°☆~〜Music of the day〜~☆°•

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