Sunday, July 21, 2019

Venice 6|6

Our last day in Venice was very short. Our flight was in the early afternoon so we had to take the water bus back to the airport around 11.00.

Having already packed the night before, all we had to do was to get ready before going out for breakfast. We ate at a café not far from our apartment.

We ordered the last two.. wraps? with ham and smoked ham. Of course Jasmin had her morning coffee as well. It was pretty filling and the staff was nice. Can recommend going there.
A fish stand had popped up close to our apartment and I decided to take a picture because, even though we're not too interested in fish, some people might find it cool.
The Korean tourists certainly seemed to think so.
We came to our street when Jasmin stopped to point out the dove drinking from the water fountain. Sadly this is the only picture I got before I flew away.
Here we are, standing outside the apartment after collecting our luggage.
Notice how much the walls outside were tilting. It gave off quite a charm.
And here we were at the bus stop, waiting for the boat back to the airport.
I still find it so cool how they have road maps like these - just like the subway system in Korea - only this is for boats.
In the airport we found a Ferrari store, which Jasmin thought was pretty cool. I actually have been one of these before but it was many many years ago. Maybe 10?
We had to spend some time in the airport and wandered upstairs into one of the shops. Jasmin wanted to buy some lego for her boyfriend, who's a huge fan, and while waiting for his reply, I had a look at this book. The people on it make them look like super displeased birds and there's something I find really funny about it.
The store worker came over and asked us if we needed help (maybe because a tourist was laughing seemingly out of nowhere and for no apparent reason) and kept an eye on us while smiling while we were in there. He looked a bit disappointed when we left.

Another of the stores had this fancy setup where you could take pictures. I think this picture of Jasmin came out well.. if only she had worn lighter clothes, she would have blended in perfectly.
I didn't like the one of me, however and the light made it hard to take good pictures. Jasmin told me to look dramatic but also as if I were admiring the lion guy so.. I tried?

Jasmin went to the bathroom before we left and I stayed outside, holding her stuff.
I noticed this vending machine thing with menstrual cups, which I found pretty cool.
But they were also selling something else... let's have a closer look.
They also sold... whatever this is, which makes it possible for women to pee while standing up.
I looked up the product and you can buy these elsewhere, not just in vending machines. Outside the packing it says: "Don't worry, pi happy."
Smart but.. hmm.

If you've made it this far, I'd like to say thank you so much for reading!
I hope you have enjoyed the little stories and dreamed yourself to Venice while looking at our pictures.
I'll definitely go back there one day and I hope you'll have the chance too!

See you in my next post!

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