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[Review] - Pale Pink Blush Stick by H&M

Are you enjoying your summer break?

Today I want to write a small review on the BLUSH STICK in the colour pale pink from H&M!
...Aaaand once again I'm reviewing an item that is sold out online according to my quick research around the web. I'm sure you can still get it in the physical stores though!

Packaging & Size
The container is about 2,5 cm wide and 5,5 cm tall and the amount of product is 4 g (0.14 oz). The packaging is that of any typical Scandinavian brand; simple and minimalistic. Compared to many Asian cosmetic products it isn't very 'cute' but I was raised in this very minimalistic environment so I don't complain. Because of its shape and size I feel like it fits very well into my hands and wouldn't take up too much space in a bag - practical!

〜Colour & Durability

There were more shades than pale pink (at least a peach and a more vibrant pink if I'm not wrong) but the reason I chose this one was because I thought this colour would fit my light skin the best, and I think I chose just the right shade! Although I'd categorize the colour as a warm tone it doesn't make the red undertones in the rest of my face stand out, which is a plus. When worn, the effect is not super obvious. On me the result is subtle, almost as if my cheeks were naturally flushed like on a summer day.

Regarding durability it definitely lasts longer if you're wearing bb creme or foundation under. I have a tendency to subconsciously touch my face a lot more when I know I'm not wearing bb creme so perhaps this could be one of the reasons for this but even when I try my best not to, the blush still magically disappears after some time.

As you can see in the picture above I was a klutz and accidentally dropped the blush stick down on the table while I was taking pictures. It wasn't more than a 5-7 cm fall but the outcome impact was great, which leads me to the texture - it is very soft! If any of you have ever tried the Dream Matte Mousse foundation from MAYBELLINE you can compare its softness to that one. However, I'd say that this blush stick has a more creamy texture that makes it easy to spread/blend out the colour.

You apply the blush by twisting the bottom half to the right until enough of the product is sticking out for you to:
1) Swipe a finger across it and then apply it to the desired areas of your cheeks. Note that dabbing will not get enough of the product on your finger.
2) Apply the blush directly to your cheeks by drawing it and afterwards blend it out with your fingers. I'm not a big fan of brushes when it comes to blushes or bb cream so I always do it this way but I could imagine that the blush wouldn't be too easy to wash off the brush due to its creamy texture.
Bare face (no bb creme)                                                       1 layer of blush     

Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Mica, Phenyl Trimethicone, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Ozokerite, Synthetic Wax, Aluminium Starch Octenylsuccinate, Silica, Glycol Montanate, Phenoxyethanol, Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Iron Oxides (CI 77492), Red 7 (CI 15850), Red 6 (CI 15850), Iron Oxides (CI 77499/ CI 77491).

• Size is practical (can easily fit into a small bag)
Gives a naturally flushed look
• Inexpensive

• Is probably used up quickly due to soft texture
• Doesn't stay on for long if you're not wearing anything under

Would I recommend it?
Sure (๑^ᴗ^๑) It's not a product that I am absolutely in love with and couldn't live without (like my precious eyeliners) but at the same time I don't have much negative to say about it either. It's super easy to grab and throw in your bag on your way out and I thought about bringing it with me to Korea but I'm afraid that it might melt in the "extreme" heat and humidity there (◞‸◟;)

Friday, July 10, 2015


It's been half a lifetime since my last make-up review but today I'm back with a new one for y'all! Woop woop!!

Today's review is going to be on one of the presents that I received  when I graduated last month - the SPECIAL EDITION LIP & CHEEK DOLL from THE BODY SHOP.
*Please note that this doll version was a limited edition packaging that came out during Christmas 2014 and has probably sold out online already on many websites. However, you might still be able to find it in a local store - just like my friends did even though it's summer here.

In case you are unable to find this version you can always get their LIP AND CHEEK STAIN instead which, according to THE BODY SHOP, is very similar and gives the same effect. I have yet to try that product but from what I have observed, the only difference would be the packaging and that the normal version seems to have a more watery texture (and perhaps lack the sparkles).

Packaging & Size
The container is about 4,5 cm wide and 6,5-7 cm tall and contains 28 ml product (0.9 US fl oz). I am completely in love with the packaging and it seems that THE BODY SHOP was not just inspired by the idea of gradient lips but also by the way many Asian cosmetic brands appeal to their customers with cute packaging. I see why others could find the size a bit troublesome given that you cannot put it in your wallet and bring with you everywhere but for me it's not a problem - I have it in my shoulder bag and there's still leftover space.

〜Colour & Durability
The colour is a beautiful blood red that looks looks good even on pale skin. The tint also has tiny gold sparkles as seen in the picture below. These are only visible close up though and don't add any significant shine or sparkle to the overall look. I feel like it looks more and more pink as it wears off but my lips are naturally very pigmented and the effect could very well be different on you.
It's pigmented but in order for me to get the desired gradient look I'll have to apply 2-3 layers. It takes 2-3 layers as well to show up properly on my cheeks.

Compared to other tints I've tried, this one does not stay on as long. It gradually wears off throughout the day and I will often have to reapply after having eaten - especially if I have something to drink with my food since since it seems to wear off quicker once your lips get wet.

The texture of this product is as thick as your average lip gloss and compared to the other tint that I reviewed, the Love Fairy Tint Glow Lipstick from Peripera, I feel like this could just as well be a lipgloss with a tinting effect.

The fuzzy applicator

THE BODY SHOP writes that when applying the tint you should put some on the center of your lips and dab it outwards with one of your fingers. When applying it this way I feel like too much of the product is getting on my fingertip rather than my lips so, in case of a gradient look, I apply the tint on the center of my lips and press them together a few times to avoid waste. If I want a full lip look I apply the tint as if it was a lipgloss. However, because of the texture, you'd have to be careful doing it this way since it's a bit harder to make a precise outline. Also, if you apply too much your lips can get sticky.

 Natural lips
 Gradient (only applied to the center of lips)
Fully covered

In case of a clean, make-up free face, dab the tint on your cheeks 1-3 times using the applicator and use a finger to spread it out; whether you dab it out or move the finger in circular motions is up to you, though I prefer the latter.
If you want to wear make-up, use the tint AFTER BB creme/foundation and BEFORE powder. Applying it like before would easily get other make-up products on the applicator and make it super gross - especially when you're going to use it on the lips again. Instead, put the tint on the back of your hand and use your finger to dab it onto your cheeks.
Make-up free                                                                   3 layers

Aqua, Glycerin, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Phenoxyethanol, Panthenol, Methylparaben, Mica, Aminomethyl Propanol, Tin Oxide, CI 172000/Red 33, CI 19140/Yellow 5, CI 77891/Titanium Dioxide, CI 77491/Iron Oxides.

Multiple uses
• Looks fine on dry lips (neither dries nor moisturizes them)
• Adorable packaging
• Good for building up intensity
• Looks good on pale skin too (red can often be a problem for us)

• Packaging might be impractical (it's round)
• Wears off gradually when eating/drinking
• Too much product will cause lips to become sticky temporarily

Would I recommend it?
Yea definitely! The size doesn't bother me and several friends have commented on it and asked if they could try it. I have to say that I prefer tints with a thinner texture though but seeing as it's also meant for the cheeks, I'm okay with it being like this. I especially like using this tint all over my lips because it's not as POW-in-your-face as an actual lipstick, meaning I could wear this to school and for outings without being accused of 'being too pretty for the occasion'.

Have you tried this? Or perhaps the normal, non-special edition version?
Would you get it?

Thank you, ladies (Monika, Karoline, Mette, and Maria) for the present!
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