Monday, November 5, 2018

Korea7 | Day 1

It's been a while!

If you follow my Instagram, you might know that I've just returned from a two weeks trip to South Korea - in fact this was my 7th trip. Since my friends and family always ask about my travels, I wanted to make another small diary-like series with pictures and stories.



The first day of my trip began early in the morning.
I had to take the train from my hometown to Copenhagen from where I'd be flying out this time.

The night before, we'd had dinner with my sister and her boyfriend, Emil, and Emilie had stayed over so we could have breakfast together. In the morning, she, my mom, and Dichael saw me off at the train station before they went back home to sleep again.

The train ride went fine but I had some troubles checking in in Copenhagen (the lady in check-in said she couldn't find my name in the system), but it was worked out in the end.
My first flight to Russia, where I'd have a 3 hour layover, was just as eventful as the food on my second flight was tasteful.
I don't remember having had troubles with Aeroflot's food before but this time I didn't get to eat much. I'm not too picky when it comes to plane food but when my mashed potatoes taste like straight up soil and the chicken like plastic is when I draw the line.

I also didn't get to sleep much. On the first 2.5 hour flight, I was placed beside a young Russian couple and their adorable little daughter. I couldn't help but smile as I watched them make shadow bunnies and pretend that their hands were little monsters trying to eat her. A think a lot of Europeans have this stereotype about Russians that they are slightly scary, cold people but this family was so warm and loving.

Speaking of warm, have a look at this beautiful sunset over Russia that I snapped pictures of.

I fell asleep for about 10 minutes before the little girl woke me up by smacking my arm. After that, she spent a good while laughing, staring at me, and wanting to touch my shoulder. She was cute.
For some reason I couldn't sleep at all on the 8.5 hour from Russia to Korea so you can imagine I was pretty tired (read: grumpy) when I finally landed in Korea.

My dongsaeng (원탁 동생) had come to meet me in the airport and was yelling for me from the side as soon as I got out of arrivals.
We had originally talked about going to one of the palaces to weak hanbok (한복) and eat chicken but I really wasn't feeling up to much. It was hot (21°C) and I felt uncomfortable and gross from not having taken a shower after my flights.
Dongsaeng seemed a bit disappointed but at least we got to eat chicken! It wasn't boneless chicken (순살) as I'd hoped and the serving was also smaller than we'd expected, meaning neither of us were truly full.

To try to lift my spirits a bit, we went to a raccoon café. Dongsaeng told me about a place he'd gone to a few weeks before I came to Korea and it turned out to be the same place that Celine and I went to last year.

There were also dogs in the café and this spotted bulldog-like dog was super cuddly. Not minding its size, it went straight into that guy's lap.
 I still wasn't too impressed with the place. It feels like something is missing there. But the raccoons were just as cute as last time and the one in the pictures here was just adorable. It climbed the table right in front of me, laid flat on its stomach, grabbed the ends of the table, and dragged itself along. It was the cutest!
At some point, one of the staff handed out little cups with fruit to all of us visitors and suddenly the raccoons were all over us.
I was looking seriously tired and I don't like having my pictures taken when I'm grumpy, hence I drew over my face. BUT LOOK AT THIS. I HAND FED THIS ONE RACCOON and when I was out of food, IT GRABBED ONTO MY HANDS WITH ITS LITTLE PAWS.
Also, pay attention to hOW HUGE RACCOONS ACTUALLY ARE. I am in love. My love for raccoons is unending.
Baby <3

When I'd gotten my dose of fur baby love, we headed to my hostel so I could check-in since that opened in the afternoon. We also made a stop at a CU (convenience store) where I found these pineapple jellies. I loved it for the pun. For those of you, who don't speak Korean, the green text reads 'pine jelly.' Since there is no F in Korean, the sound is replaced by a P, which allows for the pun:
"Hello! How are you? I'm fine thank you ^^;; And you?"

About an hour later, we went back out to find a place to have dinner since we were still hungry. Dongsaeng and I ate pork cutlets (돈까스). He's cutting the food for me in the second picture because I've had troubles with my wrist before coming to Korea.
착한 동생이다~

After our early dinner, I asked to call it a day since I was still a bit grumpy from being so tired and having a stomach ache and headache.
The shower I had when coming back to the guesthouse was seriously the highlight of the day. Luckily the other girls in our 8-beds dorm weren't talkative at all so I could quietly climb into bed.
Except for it being WAY TOO HOT in the room, I was excited that all of the beds had little curtains for privacy. Once shut, I had my own comfort cave.

I spoke to my friend, Jaden, on the phone for a while after having climbed into bed. At this point I'd been awake for 33.5 hours and started falling asleep with my eyes open. I actually started dreaming and hearing the voices from my dreams while still somehow being awake enough to be aware of where I was, and thus confused about said voices. Apparently these audial hallucinations happen to me when I'm running too low on sleep. It happened again now that I'm jetlagged after having returned from my trip.

I should probably sleep more.

                                                                                                                         Continue to Day 2 

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