Thursday, August 29, 2013

[Review] - Bodyshop's Chocolate Heart

As promised I'm back with yet a review!
My review will be on the Chocolate Heart gift box from Bodyshop!
Have you ever walked into one of their stores and, after going through the entire collection of fruity-smelling lotions and soaps, stopped right in front of one of these and thought to yourself:
"I wonder if I should try one of these once"

I have! 
To be fair, Bodyshop isn't exactly the cheapest store, but the clean look and promises about natural ingredients makes me come back almost every time I'm downtown.
I always take a look at these boxes but walk away when I see the price (poor student here hahah).
"Is it worth it? What if I don't like it? Will I have wasted half my money on stuff I will never use?"

But we all have to take chances once in a while!

Let's get to the pictures~
The package is a thin metal box and with a brown bow wrapped around it (sorry, I took that off)
It measures about 5.5*18* 20.5 cm
The heart contains 4 different items that I will all try to describe as well as possible :)
To make sure that the little containers would stay neatly in place, they put in a big piece of hard plastic

The first thing I was to show you is the smallest one: the Lip Butter (aka lip balm)
(No this is not low picture quality, that is just how the lid looks)

So the lip butter was the first thing I tried. 
The smell wasn't as chocolatey as I had expected, actually it smelled more like nutella with extra extra hazelnuts! 
Don't you just love the look of unused lipbalms?
It has a rather "hard" consistence and you have to warm it up a little with your finger before you can actually apply it to your lips.
You won't be able to apply much at a time so it will definitely last for long.
When applied to my lips, it left a kind of pearly shimmery effect (Nothing too bad! Usually I don't like that stuff but this looked really nice). Other than that it was completely transparent but it transformed my lips after just a few seconds of being on. My lips looked MUCH healthier.. as in.. I have never seen them look so soft before.. ever.. so that's for sure a plus!
Even though it smells like hazelnut, DO NOT EAT IT! It might smell good but the taste is a mix of perfume and caramel (weird since it's chocolate).
Also, it doesn't last THAT long on so if you use this, make sure to bring it with you if you go somewhere.

Next thing up is the Chocolate Body Scrub!
This one too has a strange design... the picture on the lid looks as if it was taken by a low quality camera.
When I first grabbed the container with it, I realized that it had leaked a little. This is completely normal as the body scrub sometimes "parts" into the harder part and the oily part.
This is what it looked like when I first opened it. I took my finger and mixed it up a little and soon it was as good as new!
It looks like porridge! hahah

So the body scrub is also really nice, however, it doesn't smell that much like chocolate. The scent isn't very "strong" if you can say so... but it has a certain "freshness" about it. For some reason it made me think of lemons. When you rub it on (I did it on my leg) it feels like a softer version of sandpaper or... imagine going to the beach and drying your body with  a towel that has just been laying in the sand. 
When you have rubbed it in, your will be able to see the tiny little grains of whatever was in it. 
After use, my leg felt MUCH smoother and super soft! (In the beginning it also gave me a rather oily look as if I had just applied lotion). I think this is perfect for (rather) newly shaved legs as it will give them that finish touch! (Just don't do it right after shaving, I think it'll hurt!)
+ even after you've washed it off, there will still be a slight smell of chocolate (Yes, NOW it actually smells a little bit of chocolate)
Third item is the Body Butter!
This one had a much nicer lid!
This did not smell like chocolate AT ALL! Instead it had a smell like a typical fresh soap.
As you can see, it's thicker than normal lotion.. more like butter, hence the name.
There are no clumps at all and it spreads out very very easily on the skin. Like melting butter on bread!
It made my skin look a LOT more hydrated + it made it slightly more soft :)
My skin was left healthy looking without the least feeling of being sticky or greasy.

The last item is the Chocomania Shower Cream!
I would say that this smells more of caramel than of chocolate.. like the caramel sauce you put on ice cream!
It is runny like normal body- and hand soap and has a cute pearly shimmer to it :)
Nothing much to say about this one. Even after being washed off, it will leave your skin with a very nice scent of caramel.

These were my thoughts on the Chocolate Heart gift box from Bodyshop!
I probably wouldn't buy it again but how about you? Have you ever tried it yourself?
If not, would you consider buying it? Why/why not?
Leave a comment! :)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A review coming up

I've had some long days lately...
Hopefully by tomorrow I will be able to put up a new review!
Stay tuned!

Lucy <3 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

[Review] - MISSHA's BB Cream

Hey beauties!

Today I'm going to do a non-sponsored review of MISSHA's BB Cream!

MISSHA (미샤) is the world's number one brand when it comes to BB Creams and skincare.
Their headquarters are located in South Korea and.. well do I need to say more?
No matter where I look on the web, if I see a picture of a Korean girl, I assure you she has FLAWLESS skin! And guess why? You're right! It's the magic of BB Cream!
Just look at the different K-pop stars, BB Cream is huge among them.

To my understanding, BB Cream is a kind of newer'ish concept. I'm not exactly sure when they first became popular but personally, I didn't hear about it until around fall last year.
In fact, I read about it on a beauty blog back then and now it's time for me to spread the word via my own blog!

Back in September 2012, I bought my very first BB Cream and to this day it has been the best skin product I have ever tried. But enough talking, let's look at some pictures.

 In my case, it's a make-up base / foundation
These are the different colour variations of it. I have the #21 Light Beige and when I bought mine, I thought that was the only colour available. Luckily it fit my skin perfectly even thought I think of myself as one of the fairest people I know.

It feels very very light. So light that I can't feel anything on my fingers!
Even before blended out, it gives off the exact colour that your face will be after application
It blends out heavenly smooth. It's not runny at all neither is it thick. Just... perfect consistency.
One cream will last forever as you really don't need much

This BB Cream have gone far beyond my expectations. 
It has also lightened up my skin, making me look more awake + almost perfectly covered the very dark circles I had under my eyes. The cream itself has a kind of gray'ish tint to it which takes care of the redness and gives you that "cooler" skintone. 

My BB Cream with some eye make-up~
Not bad. Not bad at all! My skin looks like that on the K-pop girls!
A little closer up. I'm in love with this cream!
and is it just me or do my eyes look HUGE here?

  • It works as a make-up base AND a foundation at the same time
  • It not just covers your face but also contains anti-aging minerals
  • While giving your face that perfect finish, it also moisturizes
  • It has SPF 42 +++ which will protect your skin from the sun
  • AND it brightens up the face, giving us that clean and "awake" look!
  • It does not feel cakey at all
  • It is very nice for warm weather. I also used this while being in California and even though it was super hot, it would stay on all day!

  • If you suffer from very very very very very dehydrated skin, it will get a little bit flaky from being worn for a couple of hours. Except for that, it's PERFECT! 

Would I buy it again?
Heck yes! I'm running out and planning to order a new one as soon as possible.

Good luck and have fun!

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