Thursday, December 31, 2015

[Tutorial] - New Year's Nails!

First: Hey!
Secondly: I'm sorry to all my readers in New Zealand, Australia, Russia, and other people who live within time zones that have already passed midnight but I'm afraid that my sleeping in today prevented me from posting this tutorial in time for you (◞‸◟;). I will be in better time next time, I promise!

Now to today's post: a quick New Year's nail tutorial!
For me, black and glitter are must haves when it comes to New Year's eve and since I'm probably just going to wear a plain black dress for tonight, I thought I'd spice my outfit up with another manicure.

Time is quite literally running out so let's make this tutorial quick!
For today's manicure I used these 6 polishes:
From left to right: Black Swan from L'Oréal, Silver Pop from Gosh, Kaleidoscope from Wet 'n' Wild, an unbranded top coat, French Pink from a French manicure set from The Color Institute. I don't know the name of the last one but it's from The Color Institute as well and is a rose pink, glittery, kind of see-through polish.

Okay! First step is, of course, to use a base coat - in my case the French Pink - to protect your nails from staining. It also makes it just a tiny bit easier to remove the glitter later (you should be able to peel if off).
Next I covered my entire nail with the rose pink polish. It doesn't matter if the white part of your nail is still visible as we will cover that up in the next step.
I wanted sort of a messy, gradient effect and to make this I cut off the corner of a washing sponge, painted it with the black polish and dabbed it unto my nails.
The result was this. If you want, you can go over the tip of your nail with the black once more (just use your brush) to cover any eventual spots that you missed with the sponge. 
I did a thick stripe of the Kaleidoscope on top of the transition between the pink and black colour... 
And once it had dried I used the glitter polish from Gosh to add a little bit of extra sparkle. You can be a bit messier with this one if you like. 
Add a layer of top coat to keep your nails sparkling all night and then you're done!

If you followed my tutorial, the outcome should look like this!
(Except for my cat in the background. He won't magically appear. Sorry). 

This is how my nails will look like for New Year's tonight and I'm thinking of pairing it with my black dress, some black heels, stud earrings, a black smokey eye with some rose pink tones, and a pair of fake lashes with little rhinestones on.

What will your New Year's nails be like?
How about your outfit?

Thursday, December 24, 2015

[Tutorial] - Christmas manicure!

Hey everyone!

The last couple of days I've been working hard on my many upcoming posts but today I want to take a break and share with you a tutorial on the Christmas manicure I gave myself yesterday. Daylight becomes a scarcity up here in the North during winter so it wasn't possible for me to take the last pictures yesterday. However, the day has only just begun so you should have plenty of time left to do your nails before tonight (*ᴖ◡ᴖ*)☆*°

Here are the products that I used:
 From left to right: red nail from H&M, a nail polish with large gold flakes (which I forgot the name of), top coat carat in gold from L'Oréal7 in 1 savior also from L'Oréal, and an unbranded top coat.

Since I would be using a red nail polish, I used the 7 in 1 savior as a base coat to protect my nails from stains. I have often used this by itself as it makes my nail a bit harder and thus helps preventing them from breaking.
Next I used the red polish to cover the white parts of my nails. I did this to all of my fingers except the ring fingers. One of my ring fingers I painted red entirely and the other was left blank (for now).
The next step I sadly forgot to take pictures of but it's very simple; all I did was to draw a line with the glittery gold polish from L'Oréal and once it had dried, I drew a new line on top of it with the gold flakes polish. The reason I used was because I liked this effect better than if I had just used one of them. The first one functioned as a 'background' for the gold flakes polish as this one by itself wouldn't have covered the transition from the red to the base coat.
(The sun gave up on me so I had to move to the window still to get enough light)
I covered the ring finger I had left blank before entirely with two layers of the top coat carat and once it had dried I added a layer of the gold flakes polish.
At last I added top coat to prevent the gold flakes from catching on to fabric and voilà!

I hope you found my tutorial helpful (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
What do your Christmas nails look like?

Thank you for reading!
Merry Christmas and happy holidays! ̥*
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