Tuesday, April 29, 2014

HSN: 4 Overnight Beauty Products You Should be Using

While I was in Sweden, I received a very pleasant mail from the Community Outreach Manager for HSN, Jackie Samoraj, who informed me that one of their expert beauty authors (Carly Woods) had put together a post that she believed my readers would enjoy reading.

Of course I'd love to share this great post with you all as I personally also found it very helpful. My blog consists of tips to make ourselves more beautiful and this sure is a post you don't want to miss out on!

The post is called 4 Overnight Beauty Products You Should be Using and before I fall into an endless sea of blabberin', let me just show you what I'm talking about~
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Image from original post
"When it comes to beauty sleep, I think we generally fall into two categories; those who have managed 8 hours of sleep a night and those who haven’t. For the ones who haven’t, they consequently have to do a darn good job faking it.

So, why does this happen? Simply put, sleep is an essential component to an effective skin care regimen, a time when our skin heals and repairs itself. Therefore, if you’re not getting enough sleep, your skin may start to suffer.

If you need help utilizing the small number of hours you do get or you want to ensure you are stretching your 8 hours as far as they can go, you need the right tools. There are specific night time products that can work in harmony with your skin’s renewal process. More than not, these products will be heavier and thicker consistencies. For this reason, washing your face in the morning is equally as important as washing it at night – you need to remove these heavy products or your skin may become congested.

Shop Facial Resurrection Serum on HSN1. Begin With The Base

First, I always recommend using a serum. Facial serums are used to address specific problems such as wrinkles, aging and brightness. Apply a few drops to clean skin and using your hands press the serum into your skin.

2. Add The Primer

Especially in the colder months, you want to follow step one with a layer of oil for added hydration. Plus, you will wake up with beautiful and plump skin.

3. Don’t Forget To Moisturize!

Lastly, simply apply a moisturizer.  My advice is to opt for a comforting and hydrating formula. I like to see it as a blanket; keeping in the goodness of the serum and oil.

4. Last But Not Least - Give Your Eyes Some Love

Don’t forget an eye cream! Try to use a powerful wrinkle reducing formula. Make sure you always use a very tiny amount; overloading the skin around your eyes with too much of a heavy product can cause puffiness and sometimes breakouts.

Shop Skin Tightening Cream on HSNFor extra credit...

On days when you have little to no time or just want to fall into bed, try an overnight facial. Now this doesn't mean you have to lie still with your face up to ensure you don’t cover your pillow in product. You can use facial creams that are highly concentrated and you use like a serum or moisturizer for a powerful whack of goodness."
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On their new skincare page (THIS ONE) you will able to search for exactly the types of products your skin needs. A lot of the tips in this post are also being highlighted there. Go look!

My own night routine isn't even close to being as throughout as this.
What I do is to remove my make-up with random make-up remover wipes, wash and scrub my face in warm hot water and, when it's dry, I apply a layer of my Snail Recovery Gel from Mizon.
(You can find my review on it HERE).

Although my snail gel has helped my skin to tighten up and look more healthy, I still tend to have very dry skin, making it impossible for me to use certain make-up because it looks flakey.
I have wanted an eye cream for a while now but I never thought of using a primer like that.
The idea sounds interesting though and so does the facial serum. If I could get my hands on a serum dealing with redness I sure would try it out!
But perhaps I should try adding primer to my nightly rituals?

What do you do before going to bed? Do you have one big routine or are you lazy like me?

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter trip to Sweden!

Heeeeeey it's weekend!!! 
And I have officially survived my first (half) week in school and now finally have time to blog a little :)

My trip to Sweden differed a bit from my other trips. My reason for going wasn't that I wanted to see Sweden or travel or experience another culture and all that (although I'd like to take such a trip to Sweden one day), but because I was going to visit some people. And for that reason, I didn't plan to go see as many places as possible like I would usually do and therefore didn't take as many pictures as I usually would have. Nor am I going to talk about the amazing things I experienced there because really, I was being pretty lazy. 

But I hope you will still enjoy the few pictures I took!

This is Zealand/Copenhagen short after my plane took off. The weather was great and probably one of the warmest days we have had so far this year (Beaten by this weekend. We're having some 21°C at the moment). I love pictures like these ✈ I feel like it's not the plane but me who is flying.
It makes me feel so free and ambitious - Nothing can stop me!
The city I went to is called Borås although the city I landed in and flew from was Göteborg. 
I don't know about the rest of Sweden, but Borås was filled with large areas of super tall trees. In the city, there were also many trees and many green areas and the whole landscape was much more elevated than (most of) Denmark.
This was a quite steep slope we called "The ninja way", which we used as a shortcut.
Since Swedes are some of the least religious people in the world, they do still have churches. Even though I never go to church, it was fun to see and attend a mess in this Catholic church. I understood very very very very little of what was said. Most of the time it sounded like the priest had a potato stuck in his throat (No offense to the Swedish language. This man in particular sounded weird). 
I wouldn't call it a stream since the water didn't seem to be moving but this large stream-river-water-thing ran all the way across the city. One can only imagine how beautiful it must be around here when all the plants around here bloom.
The Swedes seemed to be very happy about putting feathers on sticks and trees for Easter. I have no idea why... It looked kind of crazy but it also spread so much colour to the surroundings. I liked it!
A court in centrum
Giant rocks melted into the city
This picture was taken from the top of the cliff-thingie above
Perhaps you know ginatricot? Their HQ was there in Borås! A giant glass-like building. Tiny me for comparison~
More befeathered trees
Delicious Easter dinner! That was the first time I grilled this year!
I hope you all had a nice Easter too!
Did you go somewhere?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Copenhagen 3 & 3,5 /3,5

Let me just apologize for the strange title already.. I didn't feel like the few hours we spent on the 4th day would be worthy of their own entire post.

The third day was just UGH.
Aside from feeling sick from the food I ate the night before, a sewer company had decided that this particular morning would be the morning they were going to "do their thing" and make the entire entryway stink!
By the way, if you were wondering why this post was late, that was why. The stupid food made me sick and until yesterday I was unable to sit, stand, walk, or eat.

Now, back to the post! 
My friend group and I had gotten a room on the 5th floor and had to fight our way to the breakfast café, which was located on the ground floor. My severe nausea did NOT need that. I was about to throw up 3 or 4 times on my way down. I'm not exaggerating. 

Oh and of course the smell came through the entrance to the café, which led straight to the street, making everything stink. Helena said you could taste it in the food, gosh!
After breakfast, the class gathered and we took off. The sewer car was gone but, to our horror, it had only gone around the corner and we were now forced to pass by it! The stench stayed in our hair for more than an hour.

We started you walking around town to "experience King Christian IV's Copenhagen" (look at different things he'd built).
First was The Marble Church
Going in there was strange... my class is usually extremely noisy but when we entered the church, everyone got quiet and sat down in silence.
Rosenborg Castle that the King built for his wife. Here he spent most of the time
Next was Rundetaarn. This tower stands 41,55 m and was meant as an observatory.

We got back down to the ground and had lunch on our own. Once again I was unable to eat or even just approach the smell of food and of course this one girl kept saying the reason I felt sick was because I hadn't eaten while it was actually the complete opposite. I didn't eat BECAUSE I felt sick! I really cannot stand when people think they know you better than yourself.

Afterwards we went to the Police Museum to hear about ways of punishing crime throughout the history of Denmark and some of the most gruesome murder cases in our country (and see the original murder weapons). Apparently one of the worst happened on my 5th birthday. The girl, who was originally studying history at the university, was behaving really superior. "Do you all think you can sit down and be quiet?" and even our teacher made a remark about this when we had left.

Last stop was the National Museum, where we got to look at things from the Renaissance and the Viking Age. There was a large amount of bog finds.

After that we were free and we took quick break at the hotel to rest our sore legs before going to Tivoli with the class. Tivoli is an amusement park and the second oldest of its kind, the oldest one being Danish also. 
There was a great view from the Ferris wheel!
These two images were taking seconds before Nanna and Rikke snapped and realized how high up we were and then proceeded to freak out until our turn was over.
Lærke and I, however, were having a lot of fun listening to them and snapping pictures!
A carousel!

We decided to go home around 10pm but it seems some of our classmates stayed up much longer.
The next morning we woke up early and took the train back. Never have I experienced my class being so quiet. I'm certain you could have dropped a needle and been able to hear it. People were either sleeping or just physically present, not mentally. 
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