Sunday, March 30, 2014

New fanpage!

Helloooo hellooo hellooooo everybodyyyy ^-^ 

You probably have already noticed that I made some changes to my blog. 
First of all I have changed the background. I moved a few gadgets, changed some fonts, and linked directly to my personal blog (and back so you can easily switch between the two of them).
I also made my very own (AND functioning) "back-to-top" button in the lower right corner so you no longer will have to scroll to get back to the top AAAAAND, lastly, I made six new buttons so it will now be much easier for you all to follow me on Twitter, Google+, Bloglovin', Instagram, mail, and Facebook.

Speaking of Facebook! 
Today I made a new fanpage for my blog and I and it would make me very happy to get more followers on it. So please, take a look and like it?
I know there is not much on it yet but it is still under construction~ 

Here's the link

That being said, have a wonderful remaining weekend! <3

Saturday, March 29, 2014

PinkyParadise - Princess Pinky Eclipse

Have you ever witnessed a solar eclipse?
There is just something magical about the way the moon covers the sun, giving it that warm orange colour.

PinkyParadise now gives you the chance to create this mesmerizing effect on your eyes with their brand new Princess Pinky Eclipse circle lenses!

Starting now and continuing until April 10th, you get 30% off so if you are considering ordering a pair, you should definitely make use of this great sale!

And don't forget to quote me "beautywithlucy" to get an extra free mystery gift with your order~

Click the name above or the picture below to go directly to the item page~
Princess Pinky Eclipse.jpg
"PinkyParadise is currently launching a new lens series, which is the Princess Pinky Eclipse. The lenses are the latest addition to our wide range of lenses, and the color of the lenses is just so mesmerizing and making the eyes look more dolly and pretty. It will definitely be a lens that many will want to have."
Princess Pinky Before-After Closeup

Friday, March 21, 2014

B.A.P Europe Attack!!

I thought since I'm already writing about Korean makeup on this blog, why not include some Korean music?

Perhaps you've heard of B.A.P ? 
They are seriously one of my favorite groups! I have been following them ever since their debut and FINALLY, for the very first time, they are coming to Europe! 
Sadly they weren't going to Denmark but choose London, Paris, and Germany instead. 
I knew the tickets were going on sale today but I didn't know which time and there was no way in heaven I would be able to order if it started early since I had to sit through a four hour long midterm test in math... 

But!!! To my great and pleasant surprise, I managed to get home just five minutes after the tickets went on sale aaaand.... 
I got a ticket for B.A.P's concert in Düsseldorf!!!!  
I'm SO excited and I have NO idea how I'm getting there or who I'll go with yet but I'm going and that's the point! ^0^

Are you going also? If you're going to Germany we should totally meet up!

P.S: If you haven't heard of them you should definitely give it a try!

I mean just LOOK at their faces!!! They're pure perfection *-* 

Monday, March 17, 2014

PinkyParadise - St. Patrick Day deal!

Hey girls! 

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 
Have you been on PinkyParadise lately? If not then you sure wouldn't want to miss out!
Starting today and continuing until March 24th they are having yet a lovely sale!

"PinkyParadise is anticipating the four-leaf clover magic with a lovely sale. Save your pot of gold for this worthy St.Patrick's Green Sale, happening from March 17 - 24. We are cutting off 17% off a special green bundle set inclusive of eyelashes, face mask, macaron lens cases and of course one green pair of lenses"

The special set includes:
♣ One pair of Selected Green Contact Lenses (2pcs)
♣ One set of False Eyelashes by Diamond Lash Little Wink Series (10pcs)
♣ My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol Mask (1pc)
♣ One Sweetie Macaron Lenses Case (1pc)
(Click picture below to be redirected to the item)
(PS. Don't forget to quote me "beautywithlucy" to receive a mystery gift with your purchase)
Happy St Patrick.jpg

Here's a sneak peak of the lenses that you get to choose between ^o^
Promo Green Contacts Closeup

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

[Review] - Heartful silky lipstick

This is actually an item I ordered looooong time ago (together with THIS) but due to bad picture quality (mostly) and very little time to retake some, I had to delay this review. 

Anyways! Now I'm back and I hope you will enjoy today's review that will be on my new Heartful Silky Lipstick (SPK 102 Baby Doll) from Holika Holika!
"Baby Doll" such a cute name 

The heart shape was what caught my attention at first. Never had I seen such a cute lipstick! And the colour seemed to be much like that of my own lips (I like when it's not too obvious that I'm wearing something). 

Let's look at the package, shall we?

"Heart shaped lovely lipstick that displays extremely silky smooth lips with feathery light texture and vivid color"

Cute and simple package that matches the lipstick itself. I like how they made the hearts "stick out" but sadly mine was slightly bent when I got it

A closer picture of the lipstick with lid on. I think it's really charming to look at. Especially with the little floral embroidery on top. 

These pictures are surprisingly close to the original colour. Actually so close that I would say this would be the exact colour of the lipstick (at least on my screen).

Although it seems to be a warm pink, it had more of a cold tint to it when applied and I'm not too happy about that. Applying that colour to my lips, having such fair skin, I feel like I look like a doll (in a bad way). The best way I can describe it is if I can make you think of those doll heads that you could buy as a kid and then do their make-up. The manuals said you could also use that make-up on yourself but somehow it always looked like really cheap fake make-up (which it was, of course). 
But wearing this lipstick I feel like one of those. I truly dislike most shades of cold pink, which this is.  

Below you can find the 8 different shades it comes in. Mine was third from the left.

Once again my beautiful friend Nanna let me borrow her lips for the close-up picture. 
At first we have her lips without anything on. 
Her lips are in pretty good condition, not super dried out like my own and therefore the colour spreads out more evenly instead of looking flakey. Once again the colour doesn't show up as well on her lips as on mine but it is best described as strawberry milk pink. I think it looks velvet soft on her and the colour suited her pretty well (she has brown hair and I have blonde, perhaps it fits her better because it doesn't make her look like a barbie?)

Google made this gif for me when it automatically backed up my uploaded pictures and I came to like it. I think it is easier to tell the difference between the pictures this way.

When being applied and afterwards when being worn, it seems a little be creamy. It goes on VERY easily. You barely have to touch your lips and BAM! It's on! But although it's creamy it does not feel very moisturizing a all even though it claims to be so. 

The smell is super sweet and I dare to say it also tastes sweet (now don't go ahead and eat the whole thing!)

Even though I wasn't the biggest fan of this lipstick, Nanna liked it a lot and she kept saying she didn't understand why I liked it. I also let another girl from class try it on, her skin is a bit darker than ours and she seemed to like it too. Perhaps I'm just not used to much colour (especially pink) on my lips and this is just too big of a difference, or my skintone is just not right.
Either way it is still really really cute and totally affordable!

• Gives a soft as silk touch to the lips
• Very pigmented
• Has a very sweet smell, much like strawberry gum
• Affordable

• Might look flakey on dry lips
Wiped off easily
• Does not moisturize

If you'd like to try this lipstick, you can find it HERE!

Would you wear this colour? For which occasion? Have you tried it before? Did you like it?
Come share your thoughts! ^o^

Thursday, March 6, 2014

We ordered tickets!!

As I mentioned on my personal blog in THIS post, I will, from now on, include all of my posts about traveling on this blog!

In July I am going to PARIS with my old classmate Maria aka "Balslev" and yesterday I went to her house so we could sit down and look at hotels and flights together. We spent hours searching and looked at many different hotels from many different websites. At last we found one and finally got to order the tickets.
What we did was to order both flight tickets and the stay at the hotel. This way it was cheaper AND easier for us since we will be going just the two of us~

A little reaction picture ~ 

Note that everything I am going to say about this hotel will be tested to the max when we go and I will make sure to tell you girls about every little detail! It'll be like a review of the hotel itself!

the hotel we decided upon is called Hotel Villa Boheme and lies in a walking distance of just 2,7 km, which will take us about half an hour, to Champs-Élysées. We made Champs-Élysées some sort of "checkpoint" since this is where a lot of boutiques are located and we believe we will spend most of our time there.

What caught our eyes at first was how they'd kept the colour schemes throughout the different rooms.

My friend and I are going to stay in a Comfort Double / Twin Room, which we believe will be like the picture above with the blue beds.

It was also important for us to not have to leave the room whenever we'd want to take a shower. Therefore, we were very happy to see that the rooms here have their own bathrooms - and they look pretty elegant too!

We still haven't planned what to do on which days but that will be later. The important thing now is that we ordered and paid for flight tickets AND hotel now! Woooooh!

If you're interested I'll leave some links here:
Link to their website:
The website we booked through:
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