Sunday, April 28, 2019

Train rage and booty workouts


This week was hard and I'm going to rant.

Wednesday was my first day back in school. It was the class on scientific theory and everything about it just felt useless and boring. After 2.5 hours or not understanding anything that was being taught, I thought about leaving early to catch the early train and be home 1 hour earlier than usual. But I decided against it. I was going to be a good student and stay until class finished.

As I was on my way home, suddenly the train stopped and we were told to get outside because a cable fell down at another station and we could not go any farther. AHFWAJFJWALA I'm getting angry just typing this but hear me out. So they told us that some busses would come pick us up and take us to the next big station from where we could "probably take another train home.
The busses were late and there was only one at the time. The driver was an absolute treasure, though. He greeted everyone enthusiastically. At least the weather was great.
I made it onto the first bus but when I got to the station, it'd still be another 30 min. until the next train home. Alright. I can wait. 
But wait! 
They cancelled the train!
Alright then. The next train was 1.5 hour later so "I'll call my brother and see if he feels like picking me up," I thought. He often drives to the other end of the country or even Germany so this shouldn't be a problem. But my brother didn't have his car home and couldn't find one to borrow. Instead, my mom and her boyfriend would come pick me up when my mom was done washing the floor... Alright.
So I'm waiting and I buy a milkshake because I hadn't had anything but 3 pieces of rye bread during class. I walk up to the screen with departures (because my phone was dying and I had nothing else to do while waiting) and guess what. Every. Single. Train going to my city had been cancelled.
Now they announced that they would send busses to bring us home. "Great!" I thought. "I'll call my mom and cancel the ride home." I also thought. They shouldn't waste gas when I could take a bus.
Not one but 3 busses arrive.
BuT wAIt!
They all go back the the first station that my train stopped at! And now we're a giant flock of confused people with no way to get home! Aaaaaaaa!!?
THEN a 4th bus shows up and THANKFULLY this one goes to my city... and every other tiny city on the wait.

When I finally arrived at my station I had been delayed 2.5 hours. TWO AND A HALF HOURS.
I was BITTER and loudly proclaimed my hatred for public transportation. My mom's boyfriend had to go out and buy consolation chocolate and throw at me before I even remotely calmed down.

Thursday I also didn't go to school because *surprise* there were now barely any trains in my city because they all had been cancelled the day before. And apparently no one had thought about driving them to my part of the country during the night, after the problems had been fixed.
Of course they didn't update this information BEFORE I had woken up at 4.30 and biked down to the station and ACTUALLY GOTTEN ON A TRAIN. I could take another train and make a connection later but it would delay me at least 1 hour and, frankly, I didn't trust that things would run smoothly today after yesterday's events. I could take this train and make it to class but it'd take me 5 hours to get to school only to have class for 2 hours and then spend 4 hours going back home. If everything worked out, that is.
No thank you, I chose my bed.

But Thursday was the day of Korean class and with the finals getting near, I absolutely did not want to skip this since we were supposed to have a debate that day. Also, my attendance had already suffered (partly due to trains, partly because important reasons to miss class always would fall on a Thursday this semester).
So I came up with the idea to [video]call a classmate. I explained the train situation to my teacher, who allowed the call on the condition that I made a short summary on what we'd talked about during class. We ended up doing just a regular call through Facebook Messenger but it worked. After 3 hours of purely listening to Korean (something I find very hard because I can't see peoples' mouths or gestures), it was done. I'd managed.

Jasmin and I decided to ditch class Friday since we were going to do group work that has previously been criticized for not being useful. Friday is the only day that we don't actually HAVE to show up, so we didn't. Instead, we stayed home and were productive.
And I regret absolutely nothing because, in the afternoon, a friend of mine posted a status on Facebook, asking for ways to get home because *surprise* the trains had stopped once again.
The two friends I complained to won't even take my anger seriously but calls it 'cute.'

I'm so done with this semester.

Speaking of done, I checked my schedule this weekend and realized that I only have 10 days left of school!
This is now a countdown!

My weekend was spent trying to study and also procrastinating.
I'd actually felt pretty good the previous week. 
 If there was such a thing as fate, I'd accepted mine; that it in no way would be humanly possible to get any better at Korean than I am now in such a short period of time, and that it therefore would be no use stressing about it.

BUT THEN OUR TEACHER REMINDED US THAT WE HAVE TO DO ONE LAST PRESENTATION and she wants to talks to us TOMORROW about how we're going to do it and what we'll talk about. 

The article I'm going to talk about is THIS one related to the ongoing Burning Sun scandal / Seungri Gate.

I want to leave this here in hopes of coming back to this post some day and think "Wow. I can't believe I found this hard once."

Anyways. I'm not chill at the moment and I haven't been all weekend. With the finals coming near, I feel like I need to study. But one can only stare at a foreign language for so long before they need a break. But I feel stressed when I take breaks and 'waste precious study time' so I'm trying to spend that time well.

This has led me, a quite lazy person, to now do booty workouts every time I need a break.
Not only am I butthurt because of the trains but now my butt actually physically hurts. Send help.

And with that, I want to end this post (because I should really stare some more at that article before going to sleep).
Let me introduce you to today's music of the day and then I'll be on my way~

Today's first song is a very emotional one by SHINee's Key that that means so much to me.
The second one was posted on the Instagram story of a model that I follow and it's super relaxing. The last one is one that I have enjoyed dancing and screaming along to when I needed to let loose and clear my head. Give them a listen~

•°☆~〜Music of the day〜~☆°•

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

End of Easter break!


Tomorrow my classes will begin again so today I'm treasuring the last moments of freedom by blogging about how I spent the remaining days of Easter break.
I have a couple of thoughts to share as well but I'll save those for the next post and focus on pictures today.

The weather has been absolutely eminent and especially on Thursday where my city also hosted our yearly motorcycle gathering!
 Since I was little, it's been a family tradition to go watch it and then gather at my grandpa's sister's home with my grandparents, parents, siblings, dad's cousin, and her family - and eat pizza.
We haven't done it the past couple of years, though, and last year it snowed so much that only about 30 motorcyclists showed up.
But this year was different!
About 3000 motorcycles were estimated to be on display and 10000 people, including my family, went there to watch.
 The many people, the smell of gasoline, and the noise from the motors all made me reminisce about my childhood. We also saw a few people here and there that we knew.
There were so many people that it was a bit difficult to take pictures but I managed to get a few of some really special ones. This elder man had been riding motorcycles since two years before my mom was born(!) and bought his current one in the USSR.
 The one here was used in Ukraine in 1973 and the uniform and hat was part of the deal when he bought it.
 The sight of these Vespas brought back memories from when our family used to go to Italy during the summer vacation.
 This one reminded me of lego cars.
 This is a Danish built and, by the looks of it, very old motorcycle!
This one was Korean! I had no idea that Korea made motorcycles as well.
After walking around a bit, we returned home to eat lunch.
We had just enough time to eat before the 'parade' through the city.

Not only do they gather at the city centre, the motorcyclists also ride together through the city and in the night there's a big party for all of them.
When I was younger, we always just watched them leave the place, we never went to see the ensuing 'parade.' But we did this year and a lot of people seemed to do the same!
A police car was escorting the very first drivers.
And then they all passed us. A couple of them waved and we waved back. Everyone were so happy!
That day, our local football team was playing against another, very famous, Danish team. As the motorcycles passed ud, so did some of the football fans.
Just listen to that sound aaa
That day was so great and I felt great. I also took a selfie that turned out great and as always, my friends were super sweet about it.  Everything was great, really~

Sunday I dropped by my grandparents house with my sister. My dad and his wife also came for dinner so we got to spend some time with them as well before going home.

Yesterday, on the last day (for now) with super great weather, I went to the beach with Julia, whom I'd worked with in Herning at the Danish Travel Show event!

We ate ice cream from the best ice cream place in my city and took cute pictures like true Koreans.

Although the weather was great, everyone who knows my city knows that it's pretty windy most of the time and ESPECIALLY at the beach. We got some funny pictures because of that ㅋㅋㅋ
 I took a picture of Julia and when she saw it, she called it an "인생샷" (Insaeng shot). 인생 translates to 'life' and 샷 refers to a photo/picture. So when you call something an 인생샷, it's like saying that "it's the best picture ever in my whole lifetime" (ofc it's an exaggeration, but a nice one!). I felt really proud.

She also took some of me where posed but this unplanned one turned out the best!
And here Julia is setting up our photo station so we could take the next pictures~
 This one was also really cute! ♡

And then for today..
I didn't do anything special but the day was definitely not wasted because, with help from my friends Chris and Phillip, I finally got my computer to play sound again woooo!!! 

These days I've developed a love for the girl group (G)I-dle. Not only are their songs super catchy and the MVs full of beautiful concepts, they also have songs with lower notes, which I really appreciate because I then feel like I can sing along at least just a little bit.
And also some MAMAMOO songs because I love their songs as well.

•°☆~〜Music of the day〜~☆°•

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Officially accepted into Ewha Womans University!


It's already been 10 days since my last post and so much happened aaaa
(after blogging about the hottest day of the year so far, we had the first snow of the year the following weekend. Welcome to strange Danish weather).

I'm currently on my much needed and long awaited Easter break and could find some time to blog again!
Here's a recap of what I've been up to.

Emilie dropped by last Monday to buy flight tickets and we found a really good pair for just below 4500 DKK!
I could go on a whole monologue about why this is a big thing to us but in short, we have wanted to go to Korea for nearly 10 years so this is truly a dream coming true.
Although we bought them together, it didn't really hit us that this is happening, that she is going to Korea, but it probably will as we approach fall.
She'll land in Korea on October 1st and stay until October 12th!
It's still sort of far out but we're keeping the excitement going by occasionally reminding each other of all the things we'll have to do once she comes - and tagging each other in memes.

(Like this one)

Thursday I was mentor for a day for a possible future student of Korean Studies at my university!
I was a bit nervous that it'd scare her away to follow me, a senior in the hardest Korean class, but she was very satisfied that she got to see what we'd end up like rather than joining a freshman, who hadn't been part of our studies for long.
After class, Stephanie joined me in giving the potential student a tour of the university.

The next day, my sister and I went downtown to look for clothes for my mom's wedding this summer. She'd bought a dress and recommended me to buy a top with the same fabric so we could match.

I found the pants a couple of days later and fell in love. They're not for the wedding but I'm definitely bringing them with me to Korea.
Both pieces are from H&M.

Ewha's online application opened on April 15th but somehow I'd managed to apply on the 13th?
I was quite nervous about the whole thing since we'd be applying for dorms at the same time and we hadn't been given a specific time that it'd open. If my application was faulty or late somehow, I'd be put me at the bottom of dorm applicants and probably not be given one. It was hard to stay awake that night so I shot the exchange office an e-mail about my mistake before falling asleep.
Everything worked out in the end and I woke up the next morning to the message that I'd been accepted(!!)
It is now official! I am going to Ewha!

What you see above is a snap of my acceptance letter. For those who haven't been through this process and who haven't lived in Korea, everything 'official' done online can get messy. Messy in the way that many banks/schools/other official agencies ask you to use old browsers (internet explorer) and a bunch of unnecessary plugins.

The acceptance took me 2 hours to retrieve because I, of course, also needed one of those plugins and it would just not work.
This is what happens when you download Korean system files onto a computer that is not native Korean.
What is even happening here?!
Once I got the letter, I made sure to upload it to my google drive so I'll never have to go through that again. After this, my computer has stopped playing sound and I suspect that it might be because of those weird programs. But I've decided to suffer the lack of sound for now, rather than having to fight with Korean technology like that again.

I'll be on Easter break until April 24th and I'm enjoying relaxing a bit for a longer period.
It also brings me a lot of inspiration that I'm too busy to do anything about during the normal weekdays. A couple of days ago, with just about a month left before J-Popcon, I suddenly thought up two low-effort cosplays that I can make in time for the con!
I'll reveal them in another post once I've gotten my hands on the materials needed.

With all this free time (who am I kidding, I need to study), I've had time to fall in love with even more songs. The music I'll show you today are some of the never songs by one of my favorite bands, The Rose, that I hadn't had time to properly listen to before now.
There's also a Day6 song that I woke up thinking of this morning and Bol4's Stars over me (별 보러 갈래?), which came out just 2 weeks ago.

•°☆~〜Music of the day〜~☆°•
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