Friday, March 20, 2015

Will be back on March 27th

Hey guuuuurls and gaaaaaaaais! 

I received the rest of the pictures from J-Popcon but it'll be some days before the next post will be up.
The reason is that I'm currently working on an exam paper that's due Friday the 27th but before I can write it, I have to take care of an English essay that I have to turn in on Monday. This weekend I won't have much time since I also have to attend my friend's birthday so I'm afraid I will have to put my school work first before blogging.

It's pretty unlikely that I'll be back before Friday but until then you are very welcome to stop by my personal blog. Saturday last week was my senior ball and I've put a looooot of pictures up from the party on there.
Have a look!

I'll see you all soon!
Take care until then!

(P.S I see that some of you have left comments. Thank you for that! <3 I'll reply as soon as possible)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

[Review] - Vassen Jewel Blue circle lens (on light eyes)

You know what I haven't done in a long time? That's right, a LENS REVIEW!!

The time really couldn't have been better because our beloved PinkyParadise is actually having their Media Diva Contest these days. The Media Diva Contest is for specially invited people and I was lucky enough to be one of them.
Not only do I get to participate but they were even kind enough to sponsor me a pair of lenses of free choice to review.
Since I'll be participating in a cosplay show as Elsa from Frozen in May, I requested a specific pair of blue lenses. 

So, dear readers, today's lens review is going to be on the Vassen Jewel Blue circle lenses from PinkyParadise!

                       Diameter                    14.5mm / 15.0mm
                       Water Content           42%
                       Base Curve                8.6mm
                       Life Span                    1 Year Disposal
                       Brand                          : Vassen
                       Colour:                        : Blue

"If I could be granted a wish, I'd shine in your eye like a jewel.” Pixelated core color with a unique feather limbal ring, Vassen Jewel Blue creates the perfect soft, natural look that blends soundlessly into your natural eye color. Vibrant yet gentle, the 14.5mm diameter gives the perfect look to fall in love with"

My lenses arrived in a thick yellow envelope. It contained this red package to the left (with the lenses inside), a free lens case to store them in, and a random mystery gift.
I got the mystery gift because I quoted a fellow blogger~ If you decide to order a pair of lenses you can use my code "beautywithlucy" and get a mystery gift yourself! This time my gift was... well I don't know what they're called but I know that they're supposedly really practical when applying makeup or even just doing homework!
The lenses came in these vials with prescription listed on the lid as well as other info about the lens on the front and backside of the bottle.
And finally the lens case. I think this macaroon case is a new things since last time I ordered from them I got an animal case. I really like these though! They're super neat and simple and the L is adorable - I like to think that it's my initial rather than showing you which side is left. 
And I present you... the lenses!

Let's try them on~ 

Inside                                                                         Outside
No lens                                   vs.                                      Lens
Both lenses!

I was doing a makeup test the other day so here are some full-face pictures of the lenses in action~

There isn't much for me to say about the comfort of these lenses, they're perfect! With a high water content percentage (42%), these lenses are super soft and I had no troubles with them at all. This is my first pair of vassen lenses and I have to agree with them being extremely comfortable. I've worn them for 7-8 hours without feeling even the slightest irritation. 

Since I was going to use them for Elsa it was important for me to find a pair that would enlarge my eyes without having a thick, black limbal ring as Elsa's seemed to be more of a very dark blue. I was very happy when I found these and I'm very happy with the enlargement - they make my eyes look big and cartoon'y but not in a woah-her-eyes-are-fake way. Well.. they do look a bit unnatural due to the colour which I will talk about next. 

This time, I have to say I was a little disappointed with the colour. I'd hoped to find a pair of blue lenses that would enhance the blue in my own eyes but these actually ended up making my natural blue-green eyes turn out more green in comparison. And because of the very strong blue colour, I feel like they don't blend too well in certain lights. Well, I asked for blue lenses and that's certainly was what I got - but I think I chose the wrong pair for my light eyes. In the end, they turned out to be  a bit darker than I had wanted them to (my bad for not looking up enough reviews on light eyes). However, I believe they will look great on people with darker eyes who want their blue lenses to really show up on them!

Other colours
You can find these very colourful lenses in Pink, Violet, Green, Gray, and Brown also.


These lenses are super comfortable and I haven't experienced any discomfort yet.
The design is very nice and I like that I have finally been able to find a lens with an outer ring that is not solid black like many other lenses. I thought perhaps this would also help the lens to not look too dark when worn on light eyes.. but I was wrong.

The colour itself looks great on dark eyes but I feel like they look a bit too unnatural for me to be able to use them for every day use.
For cosplay they are great though! I was looking for lenses that would give me a cartoon'y feel and have a bright colour no matter the light condition - and that's what I got! I don't think these lenses are perfect for Elsa though.

Vassen Jewel Blue circle lenses can be bought HERE.

and don't forget to use my code
in case you also would like a mystery gift~

All participants also have the chance to win the "People's Choice Media Diva Award" contest. This is where your vote counts! So if you think that I did a good job, you can vote for me HERE.
Although, if I were you, I'd look through the entire album first - There are some really neat and helpful reviews made by super talented people! 
You find the album HERE.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

PinkyParadise - Free sample lens!

Hooi hooooi! Just passing by to quickly announce some news~ 

After going on a small break during Chinese New Year, PinkyParadise is now back up and working!
I received a mail from them yesterday (sorry for not telling you earlier! I as so busy with school work ㅠㅠ) with their latest promotion offer.
This time you'll get 1 piece of random sample lens for free with every order you make!

The prescription of the sample lens will match with your initial order but the colour, brand, diameter, and type of lens will be a surprise! Ooh how exciting~
For more info, please scroll to the bottom of this post or go HERE.

If you want to join in on this promotion, all you have to do is find the pair(s) of lenses that you want, order them, and then the nice people at PinkyParadise will pick a sample lens for you!
No coupon code is needed but I'd love for you to use mine: 

without the " "

Type it in during checkout to redeem your own free mystery gift~

This promotion runs from March 4th to March 18th!
Click the picture below to go directly to their site

Terms & Conditions Applied
  1. No coupon code required.
  2. Minimum purchase ONE pair of circle lens per order is required.
  3. FREE ONE PIECE (1) of sample circle lens per order. (Note: Customer will only receive ONE PIECE (1) and NOT one pair of circle lenses. Sample lens is for trial purpose only.).
  4. Sample lens (ONE PIECE) is randomly selected to match your prescription only according to your order. Base curve and diameter will also be chose randomly.
  5. This offer is not applied to other promotion offer.
  6. Promotion valid starts at March 4, 12pm (GMT +8) to March 18 (World Time).
  7. USD1 handling fees on all orders.
  8. For Bulky products like box of masks, Palty Hair products, Zero Seven multipurpose solution and etc. Each customer only limited to order 1 box. Additional will be charged accordingly for anyone that purchase bulky product.
  9. PinkyParadise reserves the right to change, amend, delete or add the activity terms & conditions without prior notice at any time.
  10. Dropshipper and Wholesaler will not enjoy this offer.

Enjoy the promotion!
I'll be back soon with a lens review and more pictures from J-Popcon!

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