Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Day 28: Met our Mentors Club group

Since we went to the concert on Saturday, there was no Korean Wave class today.

I'm writing this post almost a week from 'today' to I can't really remember what we did.
This picture that I took of Celine, however, reminds me that Tuesday was another very lazy day for us.
I remember that today's weather was noticeably misty (yet still warm) and that we talked about how great it would be if we could have a big thunderstorm and hide under our blankets the entire day.

We still had Korean class, as always, and in the evening we met up for dinner with our Mentors Club group for the first time! All of our members were there except Sandra, our junior from Denmark, who had already made plans for the entire week.
Wonjun and Johannes were already waiting for us at the main gate where we'd decided to meet up. Once we'd greeted each other, Wonjun handed me a big bag. I looked down and.... it was potatoes.
Wonjun had just handed me a big bag of sweet potatoes.

We decided on an eat-all-you-want barbecue place!

When making the groups, Wonjun requested 'Danish speaking people' so he could be our mentor. What we'd all forgotten, though, was that we weren't the only Danes, who had signed up for Mentors Club. We thought it'd be an international group with people from around the world but we ended up being Wonjun, Johannes (German), and 4 Danes: me and Celine, Sandra (our junior from the University of Copenhagen), and Frederik (a business student).

Here's Johannes and Wonjun!
And Frederik!
And fooooood
We were eating and having a good time discussing things like differences between our countries and Korean politics and suddenly it started raining. It started raining a LOT and we even got the thunder we'd wished for! 
While waiting for the rain to pass, we ate a bit more and also took some bad group photos for the memories ㅋㅋㅋ

The air had cleared up after the rain but it was still misty. Celine took this picture when we walked through to park towards our dorm. I love how mysterious it looks.

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