Friday, October 6, 2017

Day 45: I found Kaj!

Aaaah I was beat from last night's trip to Hongdae!

Celine and I are very different when it comes to sleeping. She can (and almost always does) take naps during the day while I cannot for the life of me fall asleep before night unless I'm sick. But today I was almost tired enough to take a nap as well.

Today was not completely wasted on being home because I also washed aaaaaaall my dirty laundry and some of Celine's as well.
I'd had a stomach ache almost all day (Celine too) and we discussed if maybe the McDonald's we ate in the night could be the reason. When I returned to our room with my freshly dried and still warm clothes, Celine made a neat, warm laundry pile on top of me.

Today was also the day that I was going to meet up with 준영 (Junyeong), the former Yonsei rugby player, who contacted me through Instagram after I put up my pictures from 연고전 (Yonkojeon).
But in the evening when I asked him for a place to meet, he didn't reply. I thought he'd forgotten it but I later got a message from him apologizing, saying he'd gotten sick. Oh well.

So the evening ended up being lazy too but I didn't mind since the warm clothes hadn't completely cured my aching stomach. When I felt better, super late in the night, Celine and I went down to the store to buy something to eat. A smile stretched across my face when I saw this 도시락 (dosirak = lunchbox) with a green face that looked like a character from one of my favorite TV shows as a kid. (Kaj & Andrea)

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