Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Day 84: Weird H&M clothes

Today I woke up early in order to finish my slides for our group's midterm presentation today in Korean Wave class. I finished just in time to make it to class but after the first two groups had presented, only an hour remained. Our teacher asked how many groups were left (3 groups including us) but then didn't mention anything more about it and instead went on to show us Korean music videos again. I don't know what's going on anymore in that class. Neither did my group.
Ughuguhughuughhh I woke up early and stressed in the morning for no reason.

After Korean class, I asked I asked Celine if she'd like to go to Hongdae with me to look for some warmer clothes since the temperature has been dropping pretty quickly these past few days.
Celine felt like eating ramen tonight so we made a stop by the Japanese restaurant first, though, since H&M would be open until late anyways.

NOW it was time to go look for warm stuff!
This shirt was one of the first things we saw as we entered. Had it been in almost any other colour but this orange'y-red, I'd probably bought it.
Not far from the unicorn-cat-Christmas shirt, Celine found elf clothes hanging between all the normal clothes. But the fun didn't stop there.
We'd found a few nice things when suddenly Celine calls me over and hols op this Harley Quinn costume. There were a couple other costumes hanging there as well and this escalated into us grabbing a costume each and deciding to try it on with the other, normal clothes we'd found.
Behold! Harley Quinn and a... circus person?
Exaggerated booty picture!
We also decided to try on these very tight and shiny pants since Celine's boyfriend feels a strong sense of hatred towards them.
It was like wearing latex and our legs made weird sounds when rubbed against each other.
We also found this neat party dress and attempted to pose like those Instagram girls, who twist their bodies to look more curvy.
It fit Celine super well! She's got just the bodytype for this kind of dress!
Oh and I found a warm shirt! I didn't buy it yet. Still considering.
We also had our fun in the accessories section since there were still a lot of Halloween inspired headbands and masks. Afterwards we checked out their hats and I found this adorable one with floofs.
It was a fun night.
We got home at like 23.00 or so and probably slept too late.

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